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November 26, 2008
Update on Devils Injuries
Tom Gulitti has put together a nice update on all of the Devils injuries and who’s looking to return soon.  Here’s the latest on all the Devils who find themselves still ailing - and my speculations on when they may return. John Madden skated Tuesday in practice back in New Jersey. ...
November 24, 2008
Lightning Show Good Reasons Not to have Third Jersey
Well the general consensus is that “they’re not bad…” but my thought is if you have something on the front of your jersey that A) has never been your logo, B) is not some variation of your logo, C) involves no colors that make up any of your team colors, or D) does not...
November 22, 2008
Mike Mottau Suspended by NHL for 2 Games
The Devils, who won on Friday night against the New York Islanders (I’ll post more on that later) will have to go without Mike Mottau for the next two games. The play in question was an elbow that reached Frans Neilsen’s head, knocking him to the ice pretty hard.  After Neilsen fell...
November 17, 2008
In the Stands: Devils find victory in tough matchup
The night started out as most do to trips to the Prudential Center.  Jen and I board the train in Dover on the way to Newark - though this time we had a few friends with us.  The six of us were planning on meeting a seventh who was arriving at Newark Penn outside the arena. I wasn’t...
November 16, 2008
Devils Break 4 Game Losing Streak
I just returned home from the game.  I’ll be happy to post full details about the game, pictures and details, tomorrow after I’ve hada good night’s rest!  That, plus I need to dry out. All I really want to say is “thank you” for breaking this four game losing streak...
November 15, 2008
?Not winning games is getting frustrating.?
Really, Brian Gionta couldn’t have said it better.  The official Devils record sans Martin Brodeur is now 1-5-0 and we now have two goalies that split this record. I’m not going to yell at the Devils tonight, though.  Personally, I thought the team looked about 175% better than they...
November 13, 2008
Well, this was the worst game of the season for the Devils.  The wheels spun off in the second period and the Devils simply couldn’t recover.  And to make matters worse, it was against the Rangers. First, I want to preface this and stipulate that, hey, the Rangers played well.   And it...
November 12, 2008
Rangers take on the Rock and Brodeur Notes
I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to this game.  But as a close Ranger’s fan mentioned to me, he had nearly a decade of losing to the Devils - so this is just some payback. While I agree with what he says, I don’t like it! In any event, there is a silver lining to...
November 11, 2008
Injury Updates - all of them?
Rich Chere over at the Star Ledger was kind enough to speak with Lou Lamoriello and get an update on the Devils injured players - by my count, all of them with the exception of Martin Brodeur. You can read what Rich Chere wrote here, but I’ve also comprised a simplified list for those of you...
November 10, 2008
Devils Have Unproductive Weekend
First, as previously reported, Brian Gionta and Bryce Salvador were supposedly returning to play Sunday against the Edmonton Oilers as they were not seriously injured Saturday at Detroit. Well, the Devils were not so lucky. But Gionta and Salvador stayed off the ice on Sunday. Brian Gionta...
November 8, 2008
Devils Lose Gionta, Salvador and Game
First, let me point out that Brian Gionta and Bryce Salvador were not seriously injured - as far as we know. Brian Gionta was skating in to the corner to get a puck when he was hit, legally so, by Detroit's Derek Meech. The problem was Gionta lost his balance and fell...
November 7, 2008
Martin to Miss Detroit Trip; Attendance Woes from a Fan
As I reported last night, Paul Martin would only see ice time on Saturday if he did well in practice today, Friday. He did show up in practice, but left after 15 minutes or so. He is still complaining of "upper body soreness" which is most likely a pulled or strained muscle which...
November 6, 2008
Support in the Tough Times
I got a warm fuzzy feeling Wednesday when I was watching the Devils game on TV. Devils fans know that anything less than a Stanley Cup is simply unacceptable. That plus Brodeur nearing an NHL record means our team must play at its peak or there will be hell to pay. ...
Interchangeable Parts
Devils' Martin Brodeur underwent surgery today, Thursday, to repair his torn distal bicep in his left elbow. Lou has stated that Brodeur's surgery was "100 percent successful." Still, he cannot move his arm for approximately eight weeks, and will need physical therapy and training for...

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