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April 29, 2009
Running Out Of Gas
Where to start… I guess to get it out of the way, I have to give credit and congratulations to the Hurricanes.  As much as I am upset but what I just saw, I don’t even know if I can describe it.  The only way I can think of is to point out that the Devils ran out of gas. ...
Devils, Game 7, Pray
It’s a little unfortunate.  We are in Round 1 and fighting to survive yet again.  But something feels different.  It’s… optimism?  Hope?  Change? No wait, that’s politics.   So what’s different here?  Why do I have this funny feeling...
April 28, 2009
Lou to Drop Business Operations
The move may not be voluntary, but Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek has enlisted an executive search firm to look for a replacement to Lou Lamoriello for the Devils business operations. Lou, who neglected to comment on the decision on the initial reports, would still remain a prominent figure with the...
April 27, 2009
‘Canes Stage Off Elimination; Devils Opt Not To Play
In the event you couldn’t tell by the title, I’m not happy. I’ll start with Eric Staal.  He’s good.  We know he’s good. They know he’s good.  Keep a leash on this guy.  The Devils in previous games were able to keep him contained and tonight...
April 25, 2009
In the News: Langenbrunner In, Salvador Out
Although no official word came in on Jamie Langenbrunner’s return to the lineup, by the end of practice today Jamie was with his old line mates Zach Parise and Travis Zajac.  Coach Brent Sutter made no claim that he was certainly going to play and that the decision would be made...
Battle of the Goalies
By looking at the score after Game 5 ended, you would think this was a tough, close, defensive style game.  You would have two out of three correct.  The proof: Martin Brodeur had a playoff career high of 44 saves tonight, with a total of 44 shots on net.  Brodeur tied Patrick Roy...
April 23, 2009
Remember The Fallen: Weekes, Langenbrunner, and Salvador
We’ll start with the first casualty of the post-season, Kevin Weekes.  Tom Gulitti reports in the Fire & Ice blog that Kevin Weekes is out indefinitely.  Although no official word has come of when Kevin will return to the bench, he travelled up to Toronto to take part in...
April 22, 2009
Game 4: Unfortunate…
I saw only bits and pieces of this game; I had work tonight covering the School Elections here in New Jersey (I hope everyone went out and voted!).  But the parts I saw were the first period and the end of the third. All parts in which the Devils were scored against.  Maybe I...
April 20, 2009
Devils Zajac Gets OT Win
In Overtime, the Devils had continued a horrible tradition of losing to the Carolina Hurricanes in 4 OT attempts.  That tradition continued on Friday night as the Devils lost to Carolina 2-1 in overtime, making the streak 5 OT losses in a row against the ‘Canes. Tonight, the Devils...
April 19, 2009
Devils Set Sights On Breaking Series Tie
Now more than ever, with the absence of Jamie Langenbrunner, the Devils will need to play a focused and complete game.  Although Brian Rolston appears to be the go to guy to fill in his spot, Brent Sutter hasn’t committed him to the line just yet.  Bobby Holik will be filling the...
Langenbrunner To Sit With Injury
The reports are in - Jamie Langenbrunner has one of those dreaded "lower body injuries."  This ranges from a hangnail off of his pinkie toe to a pulled groin, for those of you who are not "hockey vocabulary" smart. First, to explain this terminology for those of you not in...
April 18, 2009
?Canes Come Out To Play, Series Tied 1-1
Some of the key points that won the first game for the Devils were tough to hold up Friday night when Carolina and New Jersey clashed for game 2.  As much as we’d like to believe the Devils blew away Carolina with their sheer skill and agility, fact is the Devils trumped them pretty...
April 17, 2009
In the Stands: Devils Get First Post-Season Win At The Rock
I will admit that I was caught off guard when Steve Cangialosi interviewing Zach Parise asked how it felt getting the first playoff victory the Prudential Center has seen.  I probably shouldn’t have been surprised, after all this is only the second season being played at the Rock, and...
April 15, 2009
Important Facets of Game 1
I will be at attendance tonight to watch Game 1 of the Devils push through the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.  Plain and simple, this game is perhaps the most important game of the round.  Sure that may change if the series is tied 3-3 and the teams get ready to play game 7.  But...
Do Not Be Afraid of Hurricanes
People, including myself, are getting physically ill over two very bad feelings in the pit of their stomachs. The first is the Devils recent rendition of “Choke on Ice.” The second is the Devils, uh - history - against the Carolina Hurricanes in the playoffs. WARNING: This post is...
April 14, 2009
Devils to Take On ?Canes? Again
An interesting e-mail was sent to me by Strawberrie that she read on  The article she saw said that every time the Devils and the Hurricanes play in the post-season, one team eventually gets to the finals. I’m not sure if I like that. In any event, as you are most certainly aware by...

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